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Other Supplement Plans
Unlike older adults in other high-income countries, those in the United States face significant financial barriers to getting health care, despite Medicare’s universal coverage. These barriers may affect use of health services as well as health outcomes.
Older Americans pay more for health care and are more likely to not get care for cost-related reasons than people in other high-income countries. Affordability remains a concern and should continue to be a focus of research and policy.
Despite the financial protections Medicare offers to seniors, the program leaves many older adults exposed to high health care costs. Medicare has significant cost-sharing requirements, including deductibles and, for people in the traditional program, coinsurance with no limit on out-of-pocket spending. Services that many older adults and people with disabilities often need, including long-term care, vision, hearing, and dental services, are not covered under traditional Medicare.
When Seniors pay out of pocket cost at the counter, they should not be ripped off by every person in the system. Consumers should have equal protections in their Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans. This means Medigap coverage that would improve the market, protect consumers, and lead to lower costs. However Medigap coverage can be very expsensive for someone on a fixed income.. There must be a Better Way?
Finally a Way For Seniors To Take Control Of Their Health Care. Health Sharing For Seniors Is A Caring Community Of People That Shares Each Others Medical Bills!
Hello, my name is Bobby Brown and I am currently on the Medicare United Advantage Plan which I really enjoy. I just did not like the fact that my out of pocket expsense could be around $8,300 per year and it seems each year that goes up as well. I really cannot afford that type of expense, so I started looking around for a viable alternative for help, and I found an incredible Health Sharing Program that $aves me alot of money!
The Plan is Called Impact For Seniors and if you have Medicare Parts A & B then you can save big as well! Here is out it works....
Health Sharing Plan for Seniors simplifies the healthcare experience.
*No Provider fees.
*No Co-share.
*No Pre-existing limitations.
Simply pay your Primary Responsibility Amount (PRA) of $1000 and  members will share the portion of your Eligible Medical Bills that Medicare allows but does not pay completely, like Co-pays, Deductibles, Hospitalization, Skilled Nursing Facility Care, and Out-of-country Urgent Care. With sharing secondary to Medicare, this program is an incredible options for seniors.
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Health Sharing is a community of people that agree Healthcare Sharing "Works Better and Feels Better" than the high cost of health insurance.
Learn More about our Senior Program and get your FREE "No Obligation Quote" Today to see how much you can save!
There is also Health Sharing Plans for those under the age of 65, single, families, which can save you money as well. be sure to check out those plans and get your free quote today! Health Sharing is  a GREAT and AFFORDABLE alternative to health insurance.
If you have any questions of concerns please feel free to contact me anytime, My contact information is listed below, I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the Senior Health Share Program.
Bobby Brown
Independent Associate
Impact Health Share ID: 06710401
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